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Joyce Baker

published: August 15, 2018

Joyce Baker shares her passion to help ladies in life transitions and reinventing themselves for success.

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Mary Giraldo

published: August 8, 2018

Mary Giraldo shares her joy in the journey through her father’s imprisonment and GFC’s Prison Ministry.

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Brent Altman

published: August 1, 2018

Brent Altman shares his passion to get people to take a step out of their comfort zone.

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Tyler Brooks

published: July 25, 2018

From John Mayer to blowing things up in the Zone, Tyler Brooks (a.k.a Goop) talks living in the moment.

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Pastor Jerry Batista

published: July 18, 2018

Jerry Batista shares his journey from the streets of New York to one of GFC’s pastors.

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Bob Dickerson

published: July 11, 2018

Dr. Bob Dickerson shares how one conversation led him to explore diversity and multiculturalism.

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Lara Wood

published: July 4, 2018

Lara shares her journey at failing in perfection.

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Byron Howell

published: June 27, 2018

Byron Howell shares his passion for people to grow from knowing about God in the Bible to a vibrant relationship that is life-changing.

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Tracey Johnson

published: June 20, 2018

Tracy Johnson conveys her passion for women to know their true identity by sharing her own story of dealing with abortion.

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Mike Brown

published: June 13, 2018

Mike Brown shares his passion to help people find contentment in their finances through Financial Peace University.

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Pastor Jonathan Starrett

published: June 6, 2018

Pastor Jonathan Starrett shares his passion for creative storytelling and how it transforms our lives.

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Caleb Wild

published: May 30, 2018

Hear next-generation filmmaker, Caleb Wild, share how he uses his gift of story to script to vision..

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Ronn Kelly

published: May 23, 2018

Ronn Kelly shares his life-changing journey with bladder cancer and how he is allowing it to change lives.

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Sam Persaud

published: May 16, 2018

SEU Night Class Student, Sam Persaud, shares his journey from drugs to finding his love of public speaking.

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Johnmichael Moran

published: May 9, 2018

16 Mustangs later, Johnmichael Moran shares his passion to serve and for the New York Yankees.

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Chris Nocco

published: May 2, 2018

Sheriff Chris Nocco shares his passion to bring unity to the issues that are dividing society.

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Brittany Durham

published: April 25, 2018

Brittany Durham shares her passion for singing and the life lessons it taught her.

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Dawn Harp

published: April 18, 2018

Dawn Harp shares her passion with over ten years of experiences in the GFC homeless ministry.

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Victoria McGuire

published: April 11, 2018

21 marathons later, Victoria McGuire shares her passion for leading others into financial freedom.

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Natalie Cosme

published: April 4, 2018

Days out of nursing school, Natalie Cosme shares her heart to reach people with medicine and God’s Love.

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Pastor Stephen Garcia

published: March 28, 2018

Pastor Stephen Garcia shares his passion for leading young people into owning their relationship with God.

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Pastor Dee Bennett

published: March 21, 2018

GFC Care Pastor Dee Bennett teaches us how to help people navigate life’s challenges.

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Travis Hafner

published: March 14, 2018

Former MLB player, Travis Hafner, shares his passion for youth baseball and people growing in Christ.

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Carmen Rosario

published: March 7, 2018

Carmen Rosario took the leap into event planning – hear how it changed her life.

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Trudy Loots

published: February 28, 2018

Trudy Loots shares the challenges middle schoolers are facing and how they can own their relationship with Christ.

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