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Amanda Corbin

published: January 17, 2018

Author, Amanda Corbin, shares her two passions: helping families heal and recovering minors in the sex trafficking industry.

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Addi Hooker

published: January 10, 2018

Addi Hooker – 4th year SEU student, Addi Hooker, tells her insights from 7 missions trips in 8 years.

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Alexis Villar

published: January 3, 2018

Super dynamo, Alexis Villar, transparently shares her journey through college and back to the Lord.

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Scott Anderson

published: December 27, 2017

Scott Anderson shares his passion for life change through Groups and the Freedom Ministry at GFC.

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Jamila Little

published: December 20, 2017

Attorney, Jamila Little, shares her passion of helping immigrants on their journey to achieve their dreams in the U.S.

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Paul Loots

published: December 13, 2017

Paul Loots shares why he leads and impacts lives in the GFC United Middle School Ministry.

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Doug Otto

published: December 6, 2017

Pastor Doug Otto shares his passion for strategically developing his kids and Southeastern University at GFC.

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Alex Veloz

published: November 29, 2017

Pastor Alex Veloz explains how his family shapes him as a man.

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Mike Macaluso

published: November 22, 2017

Mike Macaluso unpacks the isolation and emotional toll of being the husband and dad through three miscarriages.

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Pam Otto

published: November 15, 2017

Pam Otto discusses her love of bringing hope to a person in life’s struggles and challenges.  #hopedevotional

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Julie Patenaude

published: November 8, 2017

Julie Patenaude shares her love for the inner city and the Dream Center of Tampa in Ybor.

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Jeanna White

published: November 1, 2017

Jeanna Whites shares her passion to reach preschoolers in a changing culture.

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William Conner

published: October 25, 2017

William Conner shares his journey from High School All American to a man battling guilt and shame. A true story of God’s redemptive power.

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Farouk Hosein

published: October 18, 2017

Farouk Hosein shares how to bring a genuine life for Christ into the workplace.

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Dale Brooks

published: October 11, 2017

Pastor Dale talks about living in the presence of God.

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Dwane Cardenas

published: October 4, 2017

Pastor Dwane Cardenas tells of his journey from stay home dad to one of the pastors at the GFC Ybor Campus.

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Rossaue Hosein

published: September 27, 2017

Rossaue Hosein shares ​how her market place training prepared her to pursue her passion in helping others grow spiritually and in their purpose.

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Patricia Davis

published: September 20, 2017

Life Coach, Patricia Davis, shares how understanding the other person’s personality helps you grow as a leader and a parent.

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Kelli Wild

published: September 13, 2017

Kelli Wild​,​ ​co-founder of​,​ shares the tension of being a leader who is “human being​”​ vs​ “​human doing.”

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Lonny Ostrander

published: September 6, 2017

Former executive, Lonny Ostrander shares leadership ​and business principles to achieve ​​next level success professionally and personally.

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Elijah Goncalves

published: August 30, 2017

Van Dyke Worship Leader, Elijah Goncalves discusses “it’s in the details.”

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Charles Clark

published: August 23, 2017

World class sprinter, Charles Clark, shares how to connect your passion to your purpose to obtain your ultimate goals.

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Vince Rocca

published: August 16, 2017

Vince Rocca shares a weekly forum where college students can dialogue, debate and own their faith. A must listen for high school parents.

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Mark Jones

published: August 9, 2017

God uses Mark, a former football player & current coach, on & off the field for His glory.

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Eugene Stutzman

published: August 2, 2017

Despite a social limitation, Eugene Stutzman shares on reaching the world through Watoto Children’s Choir.

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