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Julia Arnold

What a journey for Julia Arnold, from a 22 year old college student to the wife of a lead singer of a prominent band. Join us to hear about Julia's exciting travel to ...

Pastor Stephen Christian

Calling all you Anberlin fans! Tune in to hear the great story of Pastor Stephen Christian's life from living in Michigan to landing in Florida and the start his punk ...

Jessie Wacaser

Brazilian born and part of a missionary family, Jessie Wacaser shares her exciting life of ministry that brought her to Florida and Grace Family Church. Jessie shares ...

Nate Richie

Tune in to hear some insightful wisdom from a newlywed in the first months of marriage.  Nate Richie from our South Tampa campus United Team has a great talent in reac...

John Hotchkiss

John Hotchkiss is a familiar face around the South Tampa campus.  His great sense of humor and big heart to serve has allowed him to help change lives.  Get some great...

Anthony Calderon

He is a recent New York transplant to Florida with a great story of pursuing God's calling on his life to work with inner city youth and his passion to help them progr...

Pastor Bryan Tobias

Exciting story of the journey of being a servant leader to becoming a pastor at Grace Family Church.  Pastor Bryan Tobias shares great things to help you grow in your ...

Bryan May

He is behind the scenes ALL the time, doesn't get noticed for what he does.  Check out the humble Bryan May and hear about the exciting road he has traveled through th...

Judy Call

As we celebrate Veteran's Day this week to honor our veterans, join us to hear Judy Call's story of serving Admirals and Generals in the US Military.  Along with being...

Carrie Roden

What does the perfect family look like?  Listen as Carrie Roden upacks her heart about her passion for families and finding their own culture through much laughter, fi...

Jeremy Haile

We all have passions for things, but how does God play into these passions?  Listen in as Jeremy Haile shares how he impacts lives loving to bless people, the impact o...

Maria Santana

Did you ever think that God could be talking to you through your choice of clothing? Maria discusses practical insight into fashion, being modest and humble and still ...

Cari Gibson

Cari Gibson is a successful administrator for a local Christian school and shares obstacles and successes for parents trying to maneuver through the journey of educati...

Molly Snow

We all have a spiritual gift that God has given to us.  Do you know what yours is?  Listen in as Molly Snow shares how she found her spiritual gifting, how she uses th...

Deb Gil

What does a leap of faith look like?  Changing jobs can be exciting, confusing, and a little scary.  Listen in to see how a great leap of faith has allowed Deb Gil to ...

Dr. Jeff Wilson

Pilot – Surgeon – Navy Seal – Author – Oh my! Listen to how Dr. Jeff Wilson has used a career full of violence to find faith, passion, and answer the questions that we...

Carina Jacobs

Do you wonder what your purpose is?  Do you struggle with finding balance?  Carina Jacobs helps to understand being your true self in each of the masks that we wear da...

Ann Billo

Laugh with us as Ann Billo unpacks being a mother of nine children... And smile, as she shares how God’s love is growing in each of their lives.

Kyndell Richardson

Kyndell Richardson shares how she juggles leading worship, school, and getting married while continuing to love and connect with people.

Tyler Huth

Film actor and enthusiastic contraption builder, Tyler Huth, shares his passion to create things outside the box.

Pastor Mike Moore

GFC Land o' Lakes Campus Pastor, Mike Moore, talks about his passion for family growing through marriage, fatherhood and now, grandparenting. Hear his journey and his ...

Summer Rewind: Josh McNeel

This week learn more about the sounds and silence from the GFC sound guy.

Summer Rewind: Mark Jones

God uses Mark, a former football player & current coach, on & off the field for His glory.

Summer Rewind: Lonny Ostrander

Former executive, Lonny Ostrander shares leadership ​and business principles to achieve ​​next level success professionally and personally.

Summer Rewind: Max Del Monte

Former collegiate athlete, Max Del Monte, shares how God is the master designer.

Summer Rewind: Casey Bonham

Casey talks about finding the rhythm and balance of life while launching the South Tampa Campus.

Summer Rewind: Alton Scott

Alton Scott shares his love for God and financial planing to bless others.

Summer Rewind: Mauricio Chicas

Mauricio Chicas shares his journey from grieving to the mission field at the age of 57.

Summer Rewind: Angela Mott

Angela Mott shares her heart for the Braveone.org ministry.

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