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Will Lesch

Pastor Craig’s golf buddy, Will Lesch, shares his passion for his marriage and his gift for writing.

April McCullohs

April McCullohs shares her passion and practical steps to get involved in an area of social injustice.

Lisa Santelli

Lisa Santelli shares her journey in finding her purpose in life and how others can find theirs.

Chris Ogboke

Former professional footballer, Chris Ogboke, shares how community grows every area of his life.

Gabby Roberts

GFC Social Media Manager, Gabby Roberts, shares her passion for people knowing that excellence does not mean perfection.

Nate Goncalves

General Contractor, Nate Goncalves, shares how continually pointing people to God allows them to see His purpose in their life.

Natalie Wittyngham

With amazing transparency, Natalie Wittyngham shares the victory that came from the sexual abuse in her life.

Pastor Neal McCullohs

GFC Groups Pastor, Neal McCullohs, shares intentional ways he is fathering his daughter not to be “fragile.”

Lacey Williams

Lacey Williams shares how she overcame her struggle of fear and mental health to become who God called her to be.

Eddie Hill

Eddie Hill shares how the love of God has transformed his life... And he can’t keep quiet about it.

Isaiah Goncalves

Isaiah Goncalves started as a GFC youth and today, presents the gospel to kids... Hear his passion and his journey.

Jason Millwood

Jason Millwood shares his own journey of freedom and helping others overcome drug and alcohol addictions.

Dr. David Doering

Dr. David Doering shares his passion for racial reconciliation.

Michele Laccabue

Michele Laccabue shares her journey from aspiring career to a homeschool, stay at home mom.

Joyce Baker

Joyce Baker shares her passion to help ladies in life transitions and reinventing themselves for success.

Mary Giraldo

Mary Giraldo shares her joy in the journey through her father’s imprisonment and GFC’s Prison Ministry.

Brent Altman

Brent Altman shares his passion to get people to take a step out of their comfort zone.

Tyler Brooks

From John Mayer to blowing things up in the Zone, Tyler Brooks (a.k.a Goop) talks living in the moment.

Pastor Jerry Batista

Jerry Batista shares his journey from the streets of New York to one of GFC’s pastors.

Bob Dickerson

Dr. Bob Dickerson shares how one conversation led him to explore diversity and multiculturalism.

Lara Wood

Lara shares her journey at failing in perfection.

Byron Howell

Byron Howell shares his passion for people to grow from knowing about God in the Bible to a vibrant relationship that is life-changing.

Tracey Johnson

Tracy Johnson conveys her passion for women to know their true identity by sharing her own story of dealing with abortion.

Mike Brown

Mike Brown shares his passion to help people find contentment in their finances through Financial Peace University.

Pastor Jonathan Starrett

Pastor Jonathan Starrett shares his passion for creative storytelling and how it transforms our lives.

Caleb Wild

Hear next-generation filmmaker, Caleb Wild, share how he uses his gift of story to script to vision..

Ronn Kelly

Ronn Kelly shares his life-changing journey with bladder cancer and how he is allowing it to change lives.

Sam Persaud

SEU Night Class Student, Sam Persaud, shares his journey from drugs to finding his love of public speaking.

Johnmichael Moran

16 Mustangs later, Johnmichael Moran shares his passion to serve and for the New York Yankees.

Chris Nocco

Sheriff Chris Nocco shares his passion to bring unity to the issues that are dividing society.

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